StereoWorld Collective

The StereoWorld Collective is more than a band: It’s a musical journey through cultures, featuring various all-star musicians of the Toronto music scene. From Little Italy on College Street, to Little Ukraine in the west end, we know what this city, a blend of vibrant cultures from all parts of the world, looks and tastes like; the StereoWorld Collective explores what this “meeting place” sounds like. It’s music that will speak to you, whether you have roots in Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, grew up listening to flamenco, or just love the taste of Korea-town or Little India. The group brings together more than a dozen members hailing from even more locales, in various permutations and combinations.

The StereoWorld Collective members include Tamar Ilana (Canada), Ahmed Moneka (Iraq), Selcuk Suna (Turkey), Juan Carlos Medrano (Colombia), Stacey aka Nastasia Y (Ukraine), Demetrius Petsalakis (Greece), Roa Hy Lee aka “Roa’s Gayageum” (Korea), Ekaterina (Russia/Kazakhstan), Ewelina Ferenc (Poland), Jaron Freeman-Fox (Canada), Pedro Bonato (Brazil), Agneya Chikte (India), Heidi Chan (Canada/Hong Kong), and many more!


Concerts & Workshops



Our take on the Korean classic “Arirang”. Starting north of Mongolia, we pass by Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and India along the way.


Festivals & Events



In this Medley, we travel from Egypt, to the Balkans, France, the Middle East, Russia, Turkey, and Italy, until we finally end up in Spain!


Small Groups



This duo creates a blend of Arabic and Balkan music. Only in Toronto!


Specialty Ensembles



This Russian group is led by Ekaterina – who holds an ethnomusicology degree in Balkan folk music AND sings in a metal band!


Weddings & Private Events

For more specialty ensembles & private event bookings, visit us over at our parent company:

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