Nastasia Y

A Slavic Soul in a Modern World

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, Nastasia Y [nas-TA-s’yah] (formerly Stacey Y) seamlessly blends folk tradition with futuristic ideals. Her music is inspired by the vibrant multi-cultural city of Toronto, Canada, which she now calls home: fusing pop, jazz, and ancestral sounds into her work… [read more…]



One day, I was driving my car, and a Prince song came on the radio. I started singing ancient polyphonic motifs over Prince’s grooves, and “Kupalo” was created. The track, which evokes the powerful ancestral magic of Ukraine, takes its name from a Slavic celebration of the summer solstice, originating from pagan times. On the night of Kupalo (Ivana Kupala), young villagers leap over fires, purify themselves in water, and perform rituals to predict their fates.

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“Evening Star” (Live)

Live performance of my song “Evening Star” from Small World Music in Toronto, featuring KC Roberts, Andrew Stewart, Max Senitt, and Rob Christian. [More Videos]

“With Ukraine” Fundraiser 03.11.22

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I’ve never been more proud of a concert I helped organize. The 4.5 hour “With Ukraine” Benefit Concert took place at the Opera House in Toronto on March 11th, 2022. We raised over $30,000 CAD for Humanitarian Relief in Ukraine. I performed a song in Crimean Tatar to raise awareness for the Indigenous people of Crimea, alongside artists including Measha Brueggergosman and Jim Creeggan (of Barenaked Ladies)  [More Videos]

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