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My music is made in Toronto, often referred to as the “meeting place”, where I honed my artistry in jazz, R&B, and contemporary music. Yet, my roots lie in my birthplace, where I was raised on my father’s resistance anthems and Ukrainian folk songs, carrying warning signs from my ancestors. Now, my mission is to expand on my father’s legacy, and share the Ukrainian soul with others… [read more…]



Crimea is home to the Crimean Tatars, and it’s where I spent my favourite childhood memories growing up in Ukraine. It’s also the birthplace of the war – the first place to be taken by Russia exactly 10 years ago. As we enter the 3rd year of the full scale invasion, here is a bold re-imagining of the folk song “Salgir Boyu” (The Salgir Riverbank) in Crimean Tatar – a language facing extinction. This song urges us to sing louder, and give a voice to those who live under occupation.

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This is a song in Crimean Tatar – a language that is facing extinction. [More Videos]

“Evening Star” (Live)

Live performance of my song “Evening Star” from Small World Music in Toronto, featuring KC Roberts, Andrew Stewart, Max Senitt, and Rob Christian. [More Videos]

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