Other Projects

Nastasia Y

The Nastasia Y Band is my main original project. Most often, this is a 5-piece lineup of the best Toronto musicians, consisting of keyboard/vocals, flute/synths, guitar, bass, drums. I can also perform as a soloist with a piano, acoustic duo, electronic trio (with tracks and loops), all the way up to my full 9-piece orchestra, featuring special guests and backup singers. 

Nastasia Y Solo
Nastasia Y Trio
Nastasia Y 5 piece band
Nastasia Y Orchestra

Sing With Ukraine

Created as a response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb 24th, 2022, “Sing With Ukraine” is an ad-hoc collective that revives authentic ancient polyphonic Ukrainian songs. What began as a gathering of friends processing grief through song, has now become a mission to protect and amplify a uniquely Ukrainian identity, to show the humanity and culture of those affected, and to “wake up” listeners from indifference. Within a year of its existence,“Sing with Ukraine” has performed at over 30 fundraising events, taking part in raising over $100,000 for Ukraine. Any singers with traditional singing experience are welcome to join us. For more information, visit Sing With Ukraine on Instagram or see our Google Calendar.

Sing With Ukraine at the Opera House in Toronto
Sing With Ukraine at the Drake Hotel in Toronto


Blisk is an all-female folk band that I am a part of. We focus on vocal polyphony from Eastern Europe and beyond, accompanied by hypnotic percussion and dance. For more information, please visit us at BliskMusic.com


Apart from my love of world music, I also LOVE singing covers – from Motown, to jazz, to classic rock, to Top40.

I usually do this with the world-class band StereoFlavour – one of the most popular music bands for weddings & events in Toronto. 

Ahmed & Nastasia:

This is my collaboration with Iraqi-born Ahmed Moneka. Together, we take you on a journey from Iraq to Ukraine, and we visit other Middle Eastern, Slavic and Balkan countries along the way.


This my latest creation – a truly “Torontonian” music ensemble.

The StereoWorld Collective is more than a band: It’s a musical journey through cultures, featuring various all-star musicians of the Toronto music scene. From Little Italy on College Street, to Little Ukraine in the west end, we know what this city, a blend of vibrant cultures from all parts of the world, looks and tastes like; the StereoWorld Collective explores what this “meeting place” sounds like. It’s music that will speak to you, whether you have roots in Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, grew up listening to flamenco, or just love the taste of Korea-town or Little India. The group brings together more than a dozen members hailing from even more locales, in various permutations and combinations. Find out more at StereoWorldMusic.com 

In this Medley, we travel from Egypt, to the Balkans, through France, the Middle East, Russia, Turkey, and Italy, until we finally end up in Spain!

Our take on the Korean classic “Arirang”. Starting with throat singing from north of Mongolia, we pass by Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and India along the way.